Ad Campaign


"Be The Inspiration" is an award-winning ad campaign for Pepsi Cola. The group project consisted of a print campaign, social media branding, television commercial, plans book and final presentation. In my role as Creative Director, I worked with Assistant Creative Director, Jayme Gritch, to develop the campaign concept, graphic design, and brand integration of the campaign. Our challenge was to develop an integrated marketing campaign that increased brand awareness and preference among our target audience. Steering away from Pepsi's notable celebrity endorsements, our strategy was to recapture the attention of consumers by positioning Pepsi as a brand with positive impact. "Be The Inspiration" is an exciting and innovative campaign that fuses Pepsi with an optimistic message. It coincides with Pepsi's current global campaign by encouraging consumers to join the "Live For Now"  movement through a series of inspirational stories.



Concept & Plans Book

David, Clara, and Terrance are local role models who we wanted to publicize on a national level. Each of them have overcome adversity to pursue their dreams and are helping others to pursue theirs. Their stories embodied the passion, integrity, and attitude that “Live For Now” represents. This campaign gives Pepsi an opportunity to be perceived as a brand with relevance, relatability and integrity instead of the glitz and glam that has dominated their marketing in the past.

“Be The Inspiration” advertisements highlight each individual and their stories, as well as give audiences a call to action to be the inspiration to join the “Live For Now” movement. We designed a series of billboards, posters, and non-traditional components for the campaign. For a more modern and classic appeal, we utilized the design elements of Pepsi’s current brand with high contrast, black and white photography. The visual consistency of the campaign was critical to build brand trust among consumers. The campaign plans book is a compilation of our research, strategy, and implementation of the “Be The Inspiration” ad campaign. It was the 2014 Student Silver ADDY Award winner for Integrated Consumer Campaigns.