Go check out OU's 100th Annual Student Exhibition at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, and while you're there enjoy a special design exhibit that showcases OU Vis Comm alumni and current student work and celebrates the programs 25th anniversary. The class of 2014 competed to develop the concept for this exhibit and it ended up being a collaboration between two groups. The XXVC brand that I designed was brought to life by ASI and my classmates Nathan Lunsford, Lacie Webb and Carli Lewis were amazing for working their asses off to make this show happen! Also our show customized Viewmasters to show alumni work, how dope is that?*


On a separate note, found out yesterday that corn isn't a vegetable. WORLD SHATTERED.

*The idea to use Viewmasters in our show was from the one and only Cole Smith. He's a huge Jimmy Fallon fan, master illustrator, has great taste in music and Olivia Munn tweets him! Give him a follow




Kimberly Fuller